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Mercato dell’isolamento per prodotto, applicazione e analisi futura

Mercato dell'isolamento

Il mercato dell’isolamento, che ha generato 52,3 miliardi di dollari nel 2017, raggiungerà i 101,3 miliardi di dollari entro il 2025, con un CAGR dell’8,6% durante il periodo di previsione.

Owing to the proven effectiveness of insulation in reducing energy consumption, government bodies worldwide are encouraging its usage by implementing stringent laws. Additionally, tax credits are offered in the U.S. for qualifying insulation purchases. For this, insulating material with a varying thermal resistance (R-value) is recommended for different areas of houses, such as attics, floors, and walls. For instance, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) of the European Union focuses on the usage of insulating material of different grades and their performance.

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As a result of the EU’s strict mandates on energy efficiency, the demand for insulating materials has been the highest in Europe till now. Moreover, consumers are also realizing the benefits of insulated buildings, the biggest of which is electricity cost savings, which is why they are using more of such materials. With time, the increasing awareness about such advantages will lead to the fastest-rising demand for such materials in Asia-Pacific (APAC). Further, the region is witnessing numerous energy conservation initiatives, rapid industrialization, and quick economic growth.

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• Per prodotto: lana di vetro, lana minerale, EPS, XPS e altri
• Per applicazione: edilizia residenziale, edilizia non residenziale, industriale, HVAC e OEM


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